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About Proseterity

Proseterity is a publication run by a small team led by Aastha D, and released its first issue, 'ISSUE ZERO", in May 2021. Launched in unprecedented times, at the peak of a global pandemic, the publication is a creative and collaborative effort of writers, thinkers, designers and artists who endeavored to channel their grief and isolation,  and bring comfort to the world with their words, ideas and questions. Proseterity has a Manifesto that serves as an ethical and visionary compass for its creators and board members. Readers and contributors are encouraged to read the Manifesto and Issues to gauge the literary and political ethos of this platform.

Proseterity publishes original work from writers across backgrounds and experience. We believe in the power of the written word in shaping futures, minds and lives. Proseterity is a space for one who writes with fire, urgency, truth and passion. So read, write, share and illuminate.