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We will be here alongside 150 zines from around the world, at this iconic location in Bombay.

April 01 - 03 | 1pm to 9pm

Candies Bandra, Mumbai

Say Hello. Grab little zines. Meet their creators.
Support the beautiful world of independent publishing.

A Bombay Underground Event

Previous Events

The Myth of Merit

Not just fuelling our collective and self delusions, the tyranny of merit also cements our divisiveness. Meritocracy presents social and economic capital as easily attainable—education as the great equaliser—for the marginalised to 'catch up' with the elite. When societies are fundamentally unequal—class, caste, race, gender, ability/disability, sexuality—the function of meritocracy becomes the legitimising of these hierarchies, the maintenance of the status quo.


In our first ever Clubhouse event, we explore how meritocracy perpetuates inequality, helping meritocrats believe they have 'won' purely thanks to their hard work and inherent talent, while leaving already marginalized groups behind.

​The Panel

Dr. Bittu (He/Him),Chandni Ganesh (She/Her),Snehashish Das  (They/Them) ,Hannah Stephen (She/her), Divya Chandru  (She/her) ,Aastha D. Moderator (She/her/they)

Note from the Editor

Aastha D

Cover Issue 1.jpg

John 13: 34 NKJV “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”

Introduction, page 3; Music and Faith, Jonathan Arnold.