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1. What does a subscription include?

A subscription to our platform includes access to our newsletter, all articles on the website, calls for submission, wonderful pieces curated by our Editorial Board, along with a catalogue of workshops conducted under Prose with Aastha.

2. How do I support the magazine?

We are an independent publication that wants to keep our website ad-free. Proseterity relies completely on your patronage. If you’d like to make a donation please scroll down to any page on the website and select the currency of your choice. At this time paying in USD (international cards) allows you to choose your amount, while domestic (Indian) cards require you to click on one of the buttons with a fixed INR amount. If you’d like to make a bigger donation please write to us with details at We are grateful for your support.



1. Can I contribute to the magazine if I’m not a published writer?

Absolutely! Submissions are welcome as long as they adhere to our guidelines.

2. Do I have to attend the workshops to contribute?

No, attending the workshop is not mandatory in order to submit your work to us. However, the workshops are very helpful in channeling creativity and introspecting which we find to be important in writing. It is also a great way to meet other writers and find a community that is a safe space for creative expression.

3. Can my work be inspired by another creative?

Of course, as long the original piece has been credited accurately. Any form of plagiarism or recreations of text will flag you from our platform for future contributions.Critical reviews or analyses of any media are welcome.


4.What would cause an immediate disqualification of a submission?

We do not tolerate any sort of hate speech, slurs or derogatory language.

We would encourage everyone interested in submitting to read through our Manifesto and submission guidelines before you submit to us.

5. Some general rules of submission:

  • We accept up to three submissions in one cycle. However, if chosen, only one article will be published.

  • If your article is in consideration somewhere else please inform us. While it is not ideal, it is also not cause for rejecting a submission. If your work is accepted for publication elsewhere please notify us immediately (contact details link).

  • If at any point you wish to withdraw your work from publication, you can do so at the

  • We read all submissions. All decisions taken by the Editorial team are subjective but final. We are a small team so it may take us a while to respond. All submissions can expect a response within three to four weeks.

  • Also something about each piece of work will be worked on in conjunction with a member of the editorial team before it is published.




1. Can I send in just an illustration?

Proseterity is a literary magazine, so any submission in the form of an illustration has to be accompanied with a literary element. It could be a short caption or concept note. You can respond to our ongoing call for submissions and send in your work. If you’d like to be assigned a prose for illustration, write to us to be on our list of illustrators.

Note from the Editor

Aastha D

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John 13: 34 NKJV “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”

Introduction, page 3; Music and Faith, Jonathan Arnold.