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Aastha D. is an independent scholar, curator, designer and educator. She has a background in architecture, with a masters from Columbia University, New York. She works at the intersections of design, culture, and feminist theory. In the recent past, she has held editorial positions at publications in New York and Mumbai, edited books, curated exhibitions and events, and founded Prose with Aastha—a creative writing space that houses literary voices from around the world. She is an intersectional feminist, and her politics reflect in all her work across disciplines and media. Currently, she works between institutes in New York and Mumbai; contributes to publications of design and culture; teaches critical thinking and creative writing; conducts research; and curates publications; all while struggling to write her first book.  



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Jery John is a self taught graphic designer based out of Mumbai. With a background in architecture Jery has been dabbling in storytelling, problem solving and communication through design for about a decade. He heads design at a robust young firm, Pickle Studio Mumbai, that has made a niche for itself in the realm of identity building and brand development. He has worked on a variety of projects spanning product branding, signage, spatial identity, urban development campaigns to name a few. Jery believes that design despite its elitist history should be accessible for all. He is also a board game enthusiast and has been developing one on the side for a couple of months.

Jery John

Art Director

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Creative Intern

Jhanvi is pursuing Strategic Design Management. She is really passionate about Fashion and Luxury.  She has a flair for creativity, and her interests lie in strategising , creative problem solving and design.

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Creative Intern

Rohit is an undergraduate student at Ashoka University. He is really passionate about the politics of everyday life and loves to read and write poetry. His other interests include queer and sexuality studies, cinema, and intersectional politics.

Meet The Editorial Board

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María Alejandra

Linares Trelles

María Alejandra Linares Trelles is an architect from Lima – Peru, currently based in the U.S. She works across design, research, writing, and curation to explore architecture from a sociopolitical perspective. She is interested in addressing themes around ecology, environmental justice, memory, and cultural identities, with a decolonial approach—her research on indigenous representations on cartographies of Peru subverts impositions of conventional maps. In the past, she has designed the new Visitor Center for Machu Picchu archeological site; has worked at the Office for Political Innovation (New York) and studio Llonazamora (Lima). Additionally, she has taught at Pratt Institute (New York), The New School (New York), and has been a Research Scholar at Columbia University. She holds a Professional Degree in Architecture from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, and a Master of Science in Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices in Architecture from Columbia University, New York. 

"Fun detail: She is an amateur photographer, enjoys watching old movies, and buys new books before she finishes reading the ones she already has."

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Joseph Sgambati III

With professional degrees in architecture and journalism, Joseph has a desire to explore the intersection of beauty, design, and politics. His work in architecture, interior design, and data visualization has sought to  enrich the lives of others with visual communication and storytelling through design. He also engages in dialogue with other artisans, makers, and thinkers through his writing in Metropolis Magazine. When he is not practicing, Joseph teaches visual communication, theory, and design at the collegiate level. It is his core belief that individuals are responsible for continued learning to become informed global citizens.

Bonus fact: I was wiping my groceries off before the pandemic.

Marty Wood is a writer, critic, and educator interested in the critical intersections between art, architecture, and technology. He has been building communities for over 15 years, founding Resonant City as a platform for urban, aesthetic and political conversations. In 2011, he helped start the Bay Area Public School as a forum for continuing dialogues coming out of Occupy Oakland. Marty studied communications at San Francisco State University and holds an M.S. from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation in the Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices in Architecture program. He has published reviews, essays, and criticism in a variety of publications, most recently in Metropolis and The Architect’s Newspaper. He is currently the Director of Communications at Move38 and a visiting professor at Pratt Institute. He lives and works in New York, NY.

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Marty Wood