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About Our Workshops

Prose with Aastha is a creative writing workshop that explores a NEW theme—philosophical, sociological, cultural, political—every weekend. A community of writers and thinkers engage in carefully curated writing exercises by Aastha D.


Anchored in intersectionality as its politics, the space is safe, inclusive, and aching to get more pluralistic: sign up and be a part of the literary collective.

The workshop that aims to develop each writer's unique voice. The sessions are formulated to include free-writing exercises, prompts; mini-lessons on literary devices, literary techniques, discussions, reading recommendations, glimpses of literary/art criticism and more. Every weekend explores a NEW theme (access past workshops here).

Private Workshop 

If you prefer to enroll for  private mentorship with Aastha D. drop a line at and we will work together to customise a program for your writing and creative ambitions. 

Prose with Aastha Archives

Missed out on these amazing live workshops? Welcome to the Prose with Aastha Archives. Add these workshop videos to your shopping cart to begin writing on your own time. The store expands every week after each live workshop!

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Objective and Program