Editor's Note

The incredible labor of 'The Mediocrity Issue'

by Aastha D

February 5th, 2022

Issue One Vertical .jpg

Cover Design by Jery John

A statement of purpose (SOP)––the ubiquitous demand of educational institutes’ admission committees––is a fascinating piece of writing. Your past, present, and future compressed to 750 words, to convince the reader that you are in fact no ordinary candidate. You are exceptional, ahead of the curve, and have never known to be another way. You are unique, different. Different from the pile of letters lying at the reader’s desk waiting to compel with the same thesis of remarkability; different enough to bring value to their school and yet similar enough to not disrupt its standing, standards, and curriculum. Exceptional enough to be capable of keeping your grades above average, and average enough to do so with some difficulty––an indication of the school’s rigor.